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H  E L L O

Hope you had an amazing start to your week 😉

Today is a slightly different post.


I haven’t been feeling inspired to write about another outfit, so instead I thought I’d rearrange my room and wardrobe a little before my trip next week.
which I’m super excited for!
Because it didn’t really fit into the layout of my website, I slightly remodelled that as well.
Nothing major, just some little updates 😉

I figured adding in more of the general things I love would be a better way to represent myself on this online space, as I’m not really a typical fashion blog type of person.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion blogs, I just don’t think it suits my personality very well. Presenting myself online as someone who seems obsessed with fashion isn’t very accurate, as it’s a pretty small part of my life. I don’t know a damn thing about current fashion trends to be honest,
I just wear what suits my personality and general mood.

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of clothes.
Mainly wool and leather,  but also a LOT of stuff I just never wore. The things I’ve kept either have emotional value, or are simply really good quality items  that will last me a long time.

That also means I’ve gone quite some time without buying new stuff, which I’m really proud of.

With that said, I’d like to invite you into my little wardrobe 🙂

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All sunglasses are vintage

Yes; I do read the Poe book! It was a gift to myself for my eighteenth birthday.
I have many more books scattered around my room, but I like having this one on display.
It not only looks gorgeous, but whenever I have people over they love to browse through it.

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Yep, that is an entire drawer of black t-shirts, tanks and tops.

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See, not all black 😉

I stole the Gaga shirt from my brother, and he got it in Thailand if I remember correctly.
The moon shirt is one of my favorites I’ve worn on here before. My best friend Nathalie gifted me that one.

Bottom drawer are undies. Not for sharing 😉

And this is my current main wardrobe set up:


The mirror with backlight I got from a store in Utrecht that closed down.
It’s massive, at least 2m high and 1m wide.
Freaking love that thing, but it was an absolute monster to get up the stairs.

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My converse are completely beat up haha!
They’ve been to many festivals over the years.

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This lighter side does get used, but it’s mostly special occasion stuff. The faux fur is the Ladylishanin stole.
I am planning on taking some things from this section with me to L.A.

Speaking of which, I should really start packing my suitcase.

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I have placed it in clear view, hoping it would motivate me to get started.

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Clearly it hasn’t helped much.

One of my many pleasures in life is travelling solo, which I’ve done for a few years now.
I would recommend it to anyone who has considered it.

I will be taking many pictures during my trip, and hopefully I’ll be able to post something new if my WIFI isn’t half bad.
Otherwise I’ll need to give you the rundown later 😉

So anyway, that’s the basic setup of my wardrobe situation as of right now.

Sidenote: the clothing rack is from Ikea, as is the black chest of drawers
although I found the last one at a thrift shop for 20 bucks, score

I will hopefully see you all again next week!



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And I will see you Tuesday Los Angeles 🙂


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