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Today, I’m super excited to share this guide to my perfect night-in date night, plus a little gift idea if you were planning on getting your guy a little something for this upcoming holiday.
I joked around a bit on Snapchat about how this collaboration came at such a bad time, but I laughed it off and actually really enjoyed working on this post.


So let’s start off here; this is a collaborative post with TommyJohn.
Now, if you check out their Instagram or website, you’d notice they’re a loungewear brand for men.
Not going to lie, I did hesitate for a minute to accept the collab, but then I remembered I LOVE wearing mens shirts when I’m hanging around my house. I’ll take one of those over some lacy H&M pj’s any day, thank you very much.

So what better gift to get your guy this V-day, than one that is also kind of  for yourself?
For all you fellow single ladies I feel you just see this as your own personal pampering date night.
If there was ever a day to treat yourself to some extra love, it’s Valentines day.

1. Let’s get snuggly


I enjoy getting dressed up like no other, but as soon as I get home after a long day, I am ready for some comfort. Bye bye heels and skinny jeans, hello fuzzy socks and oversized shirts.
It might surprise you, but Athens gets chilly during the winter. I make myself some of my favourite tea while I change and get ready for my kind of date night.

2. Switch Off


I love my phone.
I’m on it way too often to be honest. I’m checking social media, answering e-mails or texting someone constantly. Whenever I’m on a date, I switch off. Be in the moment and deal with your phone later.
It can wait.

3. Food


If there is no food, it’s not a date. It simply doesn’t count.
If I’m on a date, we are sitting at the table to enjoy the meal. No exceptions. I feel like a potato if I eat on the couch or bed with someone.
When I’m alone, it’s a different story. There is just something very romantic about enjoying a candle-lit meal with someone you care for.

4. Ready. Set. Action.


Movie time.
I’m not one for super romantic movies never finished the Notebook, I fell asleep, instead I love watching action movies, thrillers or horror flicks with my date. Scary movies are not meant to be watched by yourself.
My Valentine’s will be spent with 21 Jump street or a few episodes of Gossip Girl, for sure.

4. Snacks


It is Valentines day after all. Eat some chocolate, you deserve it.
Or you know, inhale the entire box. You’re single.

5. Goodnight


Don’t forget about those candles.
Since you’re already in your comfiest outfit, no need to get up and change. Just blow out the candles, shove your laptop off of the bed and dozy off in Valentines bliss.
Perfect night-in date night complete, I’d say.


To return to the collab portion of this post; if you were planning on getting your guy something other than the typical chocolates or cologne this Valentine’s, maybe browse around TommyJohn for a bit instead.
Everyone needs some comfy loungewear and underwear in their life.

If you see something you like, feel free to use this discount code for 20% off: NEW20.

I don’t make anything from you using it, just helping out with a good deal 😉


Hope you enjoyed this post.
I really enjoyed working on it.
Have an amazing Valentines day, whether you’re single like me or spending it with someone you care about.

Lots of love and speak to you again soon,



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