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After two months, my first post back is my collab with Upbra

After some maaaajor technical issues with my computer, I wanted to prioritize this post above any others.

I’m very excited to start writing and posting on here again. So instead of just giving a review, I’ll give a few updates along the way as well.

First things first, though.

A few weeks ago, Upbra reached out to me about working together to review their perfect push up bra.
Especially in Kuala Lumpur, I wasn’t much of a bra person anymore. However, in colder climates l I do like to wear bras for the extra layer of warmth. Since I’ve been in the Netherlands for the past two months, I decided to try out their bra and review it for you guys as well.
I was impressed, to say the least.


So yes, I’ve been in the Netherlands since October and today I leave for Cape Town, South Africa, where I’ll stay for three months. I was a bit concerned this package wouldn’t get to me on time, especially since I don’t have my place here anymore and I’ve been living like a bit of a nomad- crashing with different people while I’m back “home”.

Living like this does have it’s ups and downs. Not being able to receive packages or mail is a definite downside.

Thankfully, the package got here surprisingly quick!


I chose two bras in two styles. One strapless, one t-shirt bra.


I was especially curious about the strapless push up, because seriously? How does that even work?

Regular strapless bras always end up around my kneecaps before I’m even out the door, so I was very skeptic how this one would stay up and actually PUSH up.

But, it did the job!

Fit snug, did not sag and the cups fit well. Make sure to check your size before ordering, though, the bra loses its magic if it doesn’t fit correctly.

A-plus for the strapless push up!


I have to say, the bras feel a little strange when you first get them out of the box and on your body. They’re different from your everyday push up. They feel very wired and sturdy, which is how I imagine they’re able to create the super cleavage.

These aren’t uncomfortable at all, though. Just a very different feel from any other bra I’ve tried on. Including those Victoria Secret mega push ups, those are mostly cushion.

I decided to do a quick comparison with my favorite basic everyday bra and the Upbra.

First; my trusted basic t-shirt bra (Tezenis).


Second; The Upbra t-shirt bra in white.

Mind you, I’m a 32B.


Now, I don’t think I need to tell you thats a pretty big difference right there.

For me personally, I think these are pretty cool for certain occasions where you need a bit of extra lift or cleavage, but I wouldn’t wear them every day. I doubt they’re intended to be worn every day, either.

I’m also still a big fan of my basic bralettes.

However, these did the job perfectly. I was very impressed by the strapless push-up especially.

Check out the website of Upbra for their different styles;




So with all that said, I’m getting ready to board my plane now. First stop is Munich, then we’re off to the sunny summer of Cape Town.

Ready for my next adventure.


We’ll speak soon with a proper update.

Much love,



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