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Hello again!

First off; I got a little too excited when I announced my freedom. I failed my last exam, so I’m stuck inside studying once again

Lesson learned: Do not get excited about vacation until you get your grades back.


I’ve decided that I want to incorporate more of my day-to-day life on this blog, instead of just a compilation of outfits. As much as I love styling and clothes, there are many more things in life that make me very happy. This lovely lady is one of those things 😉


This is Nathalie

We’ve been friends since we were six years old and have been living/studying in Utrecht for a few years now. She’s the one that came up with the name Lizzel one day (no idea why) and has been telling me that I need to start a blog for months. So you can thank her for that 😉

She also has the best style

The reason why I’m introducing her in this post has to do with one of the kindest emails I was sent a few weeks ago. The email was from Nellie, who works for KANCHA. She found me through instagram and asked if I would be interested in reviewing an item from their site. To be honest, I was reaally surprised as this blog has only been up since April But mostly, very flattered to even be considered!
As soon as I took a look on the site (, I knew this was completely in Nathalies style. I gratefully accepted Kancha’s offer, but obviously said that I would be honest in my review. Which I am.

I have to say; I was a bit nervous about reviewing something, and wasn’t sure if it would fit in my style. I asked Nellie to pick out something for me that she thought I would like, as I always love being surprised! Also, I can honestly say I’ve never been given a gift that I didn’t like.

Within less than a week which is really fast by the way , I received a package from Berlin. Because I had such a wonderful conversation with Nellie, it was almost like I got sent something from a friend.


First thing I noticed, was the amazing quality. Because cameras don’t really pick that up especially when you use an iphone, I just feel like I have to stress that. Pretty amazing, considering everything from Kancha is handmade!
Love the personal touch of the card inside, signed by the person who made it! 🙂



Honestly, I’d say this would be great for festivals. Which brings me back to Nathalie 😉
She is always at festivals because unlike me, she’s actually a social person and loves items like this.


For some reason, the URBAN NOMAD slogan used by Kancha really struck me. I played around with different ideas for this post, but I couldn’t make up my mind. It wasn’t until yesterday when I went over to Nathalie for tea that I knew exactly what I wanted to write.


First I showed her the Kancha website, and as I suspected: she loved the style.



I also loveee her appartment <3
Positive vibes, and definitely a boost for my inspiration. Friends like that are very rare.




Because this wallet just fits her style really well, PLUS it arrived literally a week before her birthday, I decided to give it to her. It’s a perfect gift honestly, as without this woman I would never have started blogging in the first place. I’m not someone who has a bunch of friends, but the ones I do have I love appreciate a lot <3

Also a huge thank you to Nellie from Kancha!

I wish the company all the best, you can tell from their site and instagram they love what they do and put a lot of effort in their business.

Be sure to check them out ! Links will open in a new tab 😉

I’m planning a lot of exciting stuff for the summer, I hope to see you back here soon!


Nathalie <3
Check out her Instagram:

xoxo Lizz

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