The Black Upbra

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Back with another Upbra collab.

Last time I posted about this bra was back when I was in Malaysia.
Then, it was all about the lift up swim bikini.

This time, I wanted to talk a bit about the everyday Upbra- and how this baby works its magic.

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I’m wearing the strapless black Upbra, in a 32B. Usually, I’ll wear straps if I can help it though.
Just a personal thing.
I like having that support.
Either way, it doesn’t slide down as a strapless- if you get your size right.
Make sure you get the right fit for you, and check your size here.

Especially for a push up, its not going to look right if the size is off 😉

The Upbra team is also happy to help with any sizing questions, which is awesome.


On the inside of the bra, you can adjust these little straps in the front.
To be honest, I didn’t even know that at first. I checked the website to figure out my fit, and found out how exactly this bra works.

These little hooks in the front can be adjusted to add some more cleave

So you can look ready for serious business at work, and strap yourself in for a party right after.

That could be taken out of context, but whatever. You know what I mean.


These straps can also be adjusted in a about a million different ways- which I love.

I wear this bra on a regular basis mainly because of that. Whether it’s a strapless top, a one shoulder dress or some weird jumpsuit contraption that you literally have no bra options for-

Upbra has got you.

Just some examples right here;


It’s definitely not like any other kind of bra I own.
It’s very structured, which I’ve written about before as well.
I think that’s also what helps it stay up and push up in the way that it does.


The little hearts on the inside are also an adhesive, which helps the bra stay in place.

All in all- I’d highly recommend you guy check out the Upbra website and take a look for yourself.
Al their bras come in neutral colors as well, which I personally appreciate a lot.

I’m not into crazy prints and frills- just looks weird underneath clothing.

But that’s me.

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Show them some love at , and if you have any questions feel free to reach out.


As always,  best wishes and see you again soon.



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For reference, in all the pictures in this post I wore the bra on the first hook- which gives the least amount of push up.



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