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H E L L O & Happy Wednesday! I never really post any pictures that don’t include myself on here, but I go out into Utrecht to mess around with my camera a lot. I’m not a photographer at all, so I try to learn things by just doing them. And with a lot of youtube videos. Earlier this week I woke up super early as …

Thigh High Boots


H E L L O H a p p y        W e d n e s d a y It’s been raining all day today in Utrecht, which is my absolute favorite type of weather! I only had one class this morning and as soon as I got home I made myself a cup of coffee, changed into my most comfortable pyjama’s …

The Urban Nomad

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Hello again! First off; I got a little too excited when I announced my freedom. I failed my last exam, so I’m stuck inside studying once again Lesson learned: Do not get excited about vacation until you get your grades back. MOVING ON I’ve decided that I want to incorporate more of my day-to-day life on this blog, instead of just a compilation of outfits. As much …