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Rainy Day


H E L L O & Welcome I actually had this post planned two days ago, but I got a little distracted between schoolwork and the attacks in Paris. It didn’t feel right to post something on that day, so I held off. Strange how this turned out to be quite a dark post, wasn’t really  planned that way. Sneakers: Nike ID Air Max one (imitation leather) …

Keeping it Casual


  H E L L O & Welcome back! Today I started to play around with the settings of my camera, not planning to actually take any outfit pictures. I tried some different angles and more close-up detail shots just to see what my camera can do. Very spontaneous, but I really liked the outcome! Shoes: Adidas Superstar Rize (Vegan) Jeans are Zara (similar), I love them …



H E L L O & Happy Friday! So, I’d say it’s pretty obvious by now that I’m a pretty big fan of vintage inspired outfits. I don’t really have an era of preferance either, I tend to  go through phases. Latest source of inspiration? The early 90’s! okay and maybe a little bit of late 80’s A time of crop tops, mom jeans and supermodels. …