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H E L L O & Happy Friday! So, I’d say it’s pretty obvious by now that I’m a pretty big fan of vintage inspired outfits. I don’t really have an era of preferance either, I tend to  go through phases. Latest source of inspiration? The early 90’s! okay and maybe a little bit of late 80’s A time of crop tops, mom jeans and supermodels. …

Black Gillet


H E L L O  And happy Monday! Today was beautiful September day, but you can definitely tell that fall is finally starting to settle in. Last week I’ve been paring this black gillet over and under many of my jackets and flannels to keep warm, awesome if you like layering. It also keeps me from busting out my full blown winter gear and looking …

Soaking up the Sunshine


H E L L O Good Afternoon!  Okay so it doesn’t exactly get very hot and summery here in the Netherlands, but today was pretty good for it being September and all. Finally got an excuse to wear this bodysuit. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but I wasn’t sure if I’d feel very comfortable wearing one as you can’t wear a bra with one …