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It’s SO Fluffy


H  E L L O Another week, another post. It’s been raining like crazy here, which has a horrible effect on my choice of clothing. I’ve been wanting to wear my fabulous faux fux coat for weeks, but either it’s too damn hot or too damn wet. Not a  sexual innuendo at all.  Because I’m stubborn and wanted to take pictures with it anyway, I …

Red Sweater Day


Good evening! Today was a Red Sweater Day. +1000 points to anyone who gets that reference 😉 Soo I’m not dead, I just happened to have started this Blog at a very unfortunate time. One week from today is finals week for me, so I’ve been locked up inside in huge sweaters studying like crazy. But I figured I’d show you what I wear when I …

Winter Throwback

FullSizeRender[1] (3)

Good morning/evening/afternoon! Yes, I do realise its April and that (sadly) winter is over. However, I found these pictures when I was clearing my phone yesterday and decided to post them anyway ;). These pictures were taken around December 2014, but I wore this quite a few times earlier this year as well. What I really love are the suspenders. I randomly picked them up …