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Feel Weird?

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Hello! Back with an outfit post, plus something I wanted to talk about. The term ‘weird’ has been used so much recently that it’s almost a cool way to describe yourself at this point. When I was younger, being labelled as weird was not exactly something to be proud of. It simply meant that you were strange and should be made fun of. I felt …

Soaking up the Sunshine


H E L L O Good Afternoon!  Okay so it doesn’t exactly get very hot and summery here in the Netherlands, but today was pretty good for it being September and all. Finally got an excuse to wear this bodysuit. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but I wasn’t sure if I’d feel very comfortable wearing one as you can’t wear a bra with one …

Flare Jeans


Happy Monday everyone! Unlike most people, I actually like mondays. But as I expected, I’m starting off the week with a million things to do, including two major deadlines. Thankfully, I did plan ahead this time so I’d have something to upload today 😀 It’s still raining in Utrecht, so this won’t be an outfit I’ll be able to wear again soon. I’m glad I wore it …