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Things I did and didn’t learn in school


H E L L O I’ve been back in the Netherlands for a few weeks to regroup and reconsider what I’d like to do career-wise. Writing down everything I’ve done and accomplished over the past couple of years made me realize a few things. First of all, how little of what I’ve learned in school I  use in my everyday life. Second, how many indirect …

Hello Summer


HE L L O! Back with an outfit post today. I’ve been changing up the content on my blog recently, trying to decide if I want to do more fashion stuff or more lifestyle. I don’t really want to choose, so I’m going to continue to do both. Recently, I’ve been getting rid of a bunch of clothes. I wanted to de-clutter, but I also want to create …

Back to School


Hello Again! 🙂 Summer is coming to an end and its time to return to school. I hope you all had a wonderful couple of weeks ❤ I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of glad for summer to be over. It’s been a bit of a struggle to keep out of the sun gotta love Accutane and wear clothes that suit the weather at the same time. Fall has …