Making room for Spring

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As it’s finally starting to heat up around here, I’ve been a lot more excited to wear something other than my usual fully black winter attire.

Best part about this season is finally being able to get out all my spring clothes again!

A while back I got this huge parka from ASOS to get me through the cold months, but I’ll be very happy to push it to the back of my closet for a while.


I feel like a good jacket is one of the best parts of an outfit, which is why I have acquired quite the collection in the last few years.
Just to give you an idea;




number 3 is my current favorite

Because it gets pretty cold where I live, most of them are only appropriate to wear during either the fall or spring.
That leaves two seasons of these babies hanging out in the back of my closet.
Pun intented.
I’ll forget about half of them because they’re so stacked together and out of sight.

Just before my finals, I learned about MakeSpace which actually gives a pretty awesome solution to that problem.

Makespace 5

MakeSpace is an on-demand storage service, so you can reach out to them and have your items picked up and stored away safely whenever you want.
Awesome way to make room for the clothes you’ll need in the new season!
Trust me, I would have loved this when I lived in my little Harry Potter broom closet last year.

So I’d be able to take Mr Parka right here and have him stored away safely for the summer, to have him return to my house in a few months.
Pretty convenient as a college student, right?!


Anyway, I really liked the idea of unpacking your clothes again after not seeing them for a few months.
Makes them feel like they’re new 🙂

Plus, you can keep your clothing nicely organized 😉

Makespace 3

Definitely check out their website if you’re interested!

I’ll leave it at that for this week.
Enjoy the sunshine and happy Spring!






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