Just wear what you want.



I’m back with one of my more risky outfits.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been pretty tame with my outfits lately.
For the longest time, before I started this blog, my style was a lot more eccentric.
I toned it down because I started working and going to school more and didn’t like the attention some of my outfits would get. In a small city like Utrecht, this kind of stuff stands out.


I wanted to go back to those over-the-top outfits I still own and love.
I had a LOT of stares, snarky giggles and cat calling going on.
I just plugged in my ipod to block out the world, and had the biggest smile on my face all day.


I remembered wearing something really similar when I was in a bigger city earlier this year.
Let me tell you, nobody gave a flying F. People who did say something were very friendly, asking about where I got my shoes or that they liked my style. I’m sure there were people who didn’t like what I was wearing, but is it so damn hard to keep your mouth shut?
I don’t see the point in nasty comments, honestly.


If you wear something you like and feel good, it DOES show.
I liked challenging myself today to see if I still had the guts to pull this off, and I’m so glad I still do.


My 13 year old self would probably never have guessed I would be walking around in this and actually feel good. Back then, I wanted nobody to notice me and to just disappear in the biggest sweater I could get my hands on.


The reason I’m writing this alongside this outfit, is because I want other people to wear stuff that they actually feel like wearing.
I know for a fact I’ll never look back at myself in ten or twenty years time and think; gosh, I wish I would have had the confidence to wear that.
Because I just wear it.


Confidence didn’t just happen one day, I worked at it. By challenging myself with little things and then bigger things, it made me realize how lame insecurities actually are.


Enough rambling for today.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

See you again soon and have an amazing day




Outfit details:
Shirt is vintage Michael Jackson Thriller
Shorts are New Look
Boots are H&M
Sunglasses are vintage
Bag is Mango
Choker is a DIY from a longer chain necklace.


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