It’s SO Fluffy


H  E L L O

Another week, another post.

It’s been raining like crazy here, which has a horrible effect on my choice of clothing.
I’ve been wanting to wear my fabulous faux fux coat for weeks, but either it’s too damn hot or too damn wet.

Not a  sexual innuendo at all. 

Because I’m stubborn and wanted to take pictures with it anyway, I decided to take some indoors instead.

Screw you Dutch weather.


This time, I had zero luck with finding a good online alternative.

This coat is another vintage love, and all it says on the tag is “Art Fur”


It comes up looking very real, as it does in real life, but it isn’t.

Completely 100% faux fur.

Just the way I like my fur to be 😉




Okay, so I included this one because my neighbour saw me hopping around in my room to really loud music.
See picture below

I mean,just another monday afternoon, right?

We’ve never talked, but we catch eachother taking selfies every once in a while and laugh
not in a mean way, but as in:  I see what you’re doing and I do it too

This is taking it to a whole new level though. I did explain what I was up to, and she thought it was hilarious.
Hopefully she’ll see this haha

I even turned up my music after that conversation.
Love having college students as neighbours <3


See you next week!
I’m going to start working on my paper now,

for real.

2.000 words down, 2.000 to go!






Quick sidenote:
Don’t ever worry about people staring at you or making you feel like a weirdo.
That stopped me from doing things I really enjoyed doing for years.

If you’re having fun, it doesn’t matter.

Unless you’re a serial killer.

Then maybe not….

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