Cruelty-Free Makeup Routine



I have finally  succesfully recovered from my jetlag!

Because I’ve received some questions regarding vegan/cruelty free makeup on Instagram, I decided that I’d share my everyday makeup routine this week.

Now, I am by no means a makeup artist.
To be honest, I would not even consider myself a makeup fanatic.
I just know what I like, and what generally works for me.

Trust me when I say I’ve made some awful decisions when it comes to makeup, so I like to keep things pretty natural and basic these days.

I start with a clean face and pin my hair back with one of these bad boys:


Foundation is probably my favorite part of this process.
My skin is doing really well, and I can’t tell you how happy and appreciative I am of that.
I like to emphasize my skin by making is look a little more dewy, as it’s naturally pretty dry.

What I use:

veganmakeup-9712Boots moisturizer with SPF 15.
This stuff is amazing, and it didn’t even cost me more than 4 bucks.
Believe me, I’ve tried all the expensive stuff.
It’s all nonsense.
Just use a simple moisturizer with SPF like this one. No need to go broke over skincare.


Then I use NYX cosmetics HD studio foundation in 06 Natural beige.
I ordered this one online and it’s too dark for my pale winter skin.
No need to toss it out though, as I like to mix my foundations anyway.


BE Creative Feather Finish foundation in Matte 000.
This color is pretty close to my own skintone, so sometimes I’ll use this by itself.


Last part of foundation is adding a little highlight to the mix.
I use Gleam Li02 Liquid Illuminator from NYX cosmetics.
It adds some glow to my skin, in combination with the moisturizer.

Looks a little something like this:


I mix these with my fingers or with a brush, and stipple it evenly onto my skin.


Then I highlight and conceal.
Sometimes I’ll use NYX sunbeam LL01 as a highlight, but today I chose to use ELF cosmetics conceal & highlight in light.
I apply it like this:



For contour I use this Barry M Contour & Highlight kit:


I’m not big on contouring for everyday, so I only use the middle shade to bronze my cheeks a little.

Then on to mascara, which takes me the longest.
I have very long lashes, which is why I use two mascaras.
One for detangling my lashes and to use as a base: ELF Mineral Infused Mascara.
One for lengthening and extra definition: ELF 3-in-1 mascara.
I’m a big fan of cheap mascaras, ELF being my absolute favorite.


Finally, the eyeshadow:
Naked basics palette (also sometimes labelled as the original) from Urban Decay.


Yes, this one is a bit more pricey at around 30 euros.
But worth it.
There are many dupes that I’ve also tried and love, it’s all in the color palette. Elf has a pretty good natural palette that’s very similar.

I use Naked 2 on my entire lid, then go over it with W.O.S.
I brush Venus in my inner eye, on my waterline and underneath my brows as a highlight.


I use Faint in my crease, but also underneath my eyes.


I generally leave my brows alone.
I’ll remove the foundation on them, pluck any stray hairs and use a little eyebrow wax/gel to keep the hairs in place.

Finishing touch is some NYX lipgloss:


I like using Sugar Pie on my entire lip and Frosted beige as a highlight in the centre of my lips.
I reapply throughout the day.



This takes around 20 minutes when I really take my time, but can be done within 10 if I’m in a hurry.

I’m a firm believer that using your fingers is fine, but I do see the use in certain brushes.
All the ones I used are from ELF.
No animal hair 🙂

I actually apply my foundation with an H&M brush, the BB cream angled brush.

Goes to show that you don’t need expensive stuff to get a decent result 😉
I get more compliments on this look than any makeup I’ve applied in the past.

Just to give you an idea; I’ve used stuff like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Mac and Estee Lauder
Sure the makeup was lovely, but I don’t agree with their animal testing policies.


So that’s it for today!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
If you’re wondering if your current makeup is vegan, check out PETA’s website.
They list all cruelty free make-up and vegan brands on there.

See you soon!




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