Chasing Waterfalls- Upbra collab

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Hello again!

These blogposts always take me a while to write, and life has been a little crazy lately. I hope you’ll enjoy the comeback 😉

I’ve worked with Upbra in the past, and just before I left for Malaysia I got the chance to work with them again. This time, to show off one of their awesome bikinis;

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I was a little worried about how the Upbra would translate into a bikini.
I like being active in my swimwear; swimming, climbing, diving etc- strapless styles usually scare me off from doing any of that.

I’m glad I got to try this one, though, since it held up wonderfully.

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I wouldn’t recommend jumping off of waterfalls with it, but I’d be careful trying that in just about any strapless bikini style. Keep the strap on, and you’re good.
Another thing that crossed my mind before I tried it out, was that the bikini might fill up with water and feel heavy after being in the water. This is a bikini primarily to boost your assets, after all 😉


Again, I was very pleasantly surprised.
It felt very light after being in the water, and still did its job as a push-up.

I do recommend checking your size in the Upbra sizing app before you make your purchase. Its supposed to fit snug, but not tight.
Make sure you get sized right to get the best effect;


Once again, its been amazing to work with Upbra.
If you’re looking for a new ‘kini this summer and you feel like you need a little ‘boost’- this one is definitely made for you.
It’s also a great bikini to tan in as well, since you can easily take off the strap and make this baby strapless.
Don’t worry; just like the bra, it still works as a great push up without the strap.

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Check out all the Upbra bikinis and bra styles on their website , and have a snoop on their Instagram to see  how some other lovely ladies are rocking the Upbra.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the comments, or shoot me an email.

You can also contact Upbra for any questions regarding their bikinis and bras.

Have an awesome day guys, and I’ll be back with a new post soon 😊

Lots of love,




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