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I don’t like the city I live in

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  H E L L O & Welcome I’ve been thinking about writing this for a while, mainly because it’s something I would really have appreciated reading four years ago. I regularly post stuff on my Instagram about the city I currently live in; Utrecht, the Netherlands. Looking at these images, It’s generally a pretty picture along with a positive caption. Judging by just that, …

New beginnings


H E L L O Because this year has been pretty eventful so far, I felt like giving a little update about my current life situation. I started class again this month for my final semester of my second year, and I thought I should begin this post by saying this: I reaally don’t enjoy being in University. I had pretty much the same feeling when studying Medicine two years …

Afternoon in Utrecht


H E L L O In my last post I wrote about the trip to Paris I took with my brother. Although I’ve said it before, I truly prefer to take pictures of other people and things around me. This week I felt like sharing a little bit of my current home, and one of the most important people who lives in it with me. Bagels …