On Wednesday’s I wear Slash


 H E L L O

Aaand happy Wednesday!

I’m starting my first post of the week in another one of my favorites!

This shirt I wear more than any other band shirt. Not only do I love Guns N Roses music, this shirt goes with everything black is my happy colourAlso, it’s not a shirt you see in stores very often.

I love it when people wear something that instantly reflects a part of their personality, such as a band shirt or an awesome quote. It’s an instant conversation starter!

Another huge plus about this outfit is the faux leather jacket. When I bought this jacket a year ago, I wasn’t vegan yet. Not even in diet.
I went into the Mango store one day during the winter sale and found this gem tucked away at the back of a rack. I fell in love with the look of it and didn’t even check to see whether it was faux leather. I never truly thought about where leather comes from, I just bought whatever I fancied and didn’t think twice.
To be honest; I assumed that it was leather when I purchased it.

Fastforward to a couple of weeks ago when I decided to make an inventory of my leather items. I picked up this jacket and checked the label inside; NO LEATHER. Not even a slight percentage. I always thought that at least some of it had to be leather, as it’s so smooth. I’ve gotten compliments on the jacket before from people who genuinly thought it was.
Just goes to show!


What I’m wearing:
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Shirt:Etsy shop, unfortunately it does not exist anymore. Here’s  a similar t-shirt and here is the exact print in a muscle tee.
Jacket: Faux leather from Mango or H&M 
Shorts: Levi’s vintage
Shoes: Faux suede, mine are from Mango but these ones from H&M are very similar
Bag: Mango (absolutely the best for faux leather!)






Hope to see you back here later this week!

Best wishes and have a great day tomorrow! 😉

Lots ov love,




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