Adventures in Lala Land



So I’m back from the land of sunshine!

Which wasn’t really all that sunny, but whatever.

It might not have been very obvious, but I went on this trip by myself.

Something I had to do this particular time, but I very much enjoy doing anyway.

Solo trips are always my favorite ones.
I have a lot of reasons why I do this, plus many more why I’d recommend it to anyone who has considered the idea.

Today I thought I’d share my thoughts on my preferred way of travelling, alongside some L.A. adventures.


My number one reason:  I get to go where I want, whenever I want

There are so many places in the world I want to go, but plans I’d make with friends would always fall through.
Either someone didn’t have the money, or we just talked about plans that never ended up happening.

So one day when I was let down once again, I booked a weekend trip for myself to a city that seemed not too intimidating.
I didn’t tell a single person I was going. I simply packed my bag and left.

Most liberating and absolutely terrifying experience at that time in my life.

The complete freedom is what energizes me.

I want to go to a bookstore at 8PM? Then I’d go to a bookstore.

And I’d stay for as long as I wanted.
losangeles-0016Last Bookstore


I want to go to a fancy shopping street and people watch?
Then I go.


Rooftop bar with an insane view of downtown L.A.?
Why not?


Saves me money too.


Not really.
I ate where and when I wanted and packed a lot of food so I’d have more time to explore the places I wanted to see.
I knew the airplane food would not be vegan, so I opted to buy some fruit and a bulgur salad to eat on the plane instead.

Trust me, It was way better than the weird cheesy pasta that was served.
You’d be surprised by how many airports actually sell vegan food, yet they don’t always have the option available on the plane.

Another really good reason to go see places by yourself?
I met some of the most interesting people ever.


I went to CityWalk at night, and met two really sweet girls who showed me around for a while.
I ended up at some bar there and got into a conversation with a dude who turned out to be a comedian. Had an interesting talk about life,  extremely friendly guy.
I stayed there until late into the night, when I called an Uber to take me home.
The driver saw my camera and asked if I wanted to take pictures in the “bad” part of town.

Curious as I am, I agreed.

Off we went to Skid row.





Bizarre end to the night.
Especially since I went to one of the fancy bars downtown afterwards, which you could see from these streets.


Two worlds very close, but very much apart.

I couldn’t enjoy my time at the bar and left early.

Of course I met many more people, and most encounters were positive.
Americans are generally extremely friendly and welcoming.


Venice was my favorite place of all.

Bunch of crazy people enjoying the sunshine.

So I’ll leave it on that happy note, but I think it’s important to mention that Los Angeles is a flawed city that is not always as it’s made out to be.

I will continue to travel on my own for as long as I feel the urge, which I know will be a while.
Adventures like these are what make me feel alive and realise where my priorities lie.
There’s no better way of getting to know what you want in life than to experience travelling alone, even if it’s just once.

I hope you enjoyed my very condensed post about Los Angeles.
I haven’t told you everything , but that would also slightly defeat the purpose of me going on these kinds of trips.

I like having some secrets 😉


See you soon




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