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I did say it was going to be a very busy week 😉 But, there has been a specific reason why I’ve been slacking on my posts. Instead of waiting another day, I decided to just post about this topic. My hair.

Apart from styling clothes/outfits, I have a slight obsession with my hair. I’ve been dyeing it since I was fifteen, with very mixed results. First, I started with highlights and about a year ago I went full on blonde, which isn’t easy or cheap to keep up with. My natural hair colour is pretty dark and I’ve always felt that it doesn’t suit me, which is why I decided to start colouring it one day.

For the past year I’ve been going to the same hairdresser and its turned out wonderful every time. I’m sure girls/guys in the Utrecht area would like to know where to get their hair dyed affordably (CLUBKAPPERS!), and I felt this post could help out someone who is debating on whether or not they should get highlights/lowlights.

Let’s get into the before and after!
This time, I had to dye it in two seperate appointments. The first one was for (full) highlights and the second for lowlights. You pay for the amount of foils they use, the more foils used the more of your hair gets dyed. “Full” just means that I got my enitre hair highlighted.

Before Highlights:
Here I have 3 month rootage going on. Last time I highlighted and lowlighted equally (so half of my hair was lightenend, half was darkened) As you can see, the roots aren’t THAT drastic. It’s the main reason why I choose highlight/lowlight over dyeing it completely.


After Highlights

Even though it’s very blonde here, there is still a lot of difference in colour.


Here you can really see how blonde it turned out!
Plus a sneaky ootd 😉



Then I went back for some lowlights, because this was a little too blonde for me.

After Lowlights



Many many hours later, my hair is the colour I want it 🙂
She left the lowlights in for a looooong time, because otherwise the colour would’t take. I’ll have to look after my hair really well for the next couple of weeks to make sure the colour lasts. That’s the only issue with dyeing your hair this way, there’s a big chance the lowlights will fade.


Again for anyone in or near Utrecht, go to Clubkappers. They know their colour and give great advice!

Stay tuned for another outfit post this weekend 😉

xoxo Lizz

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  • nancy

    Stunning colours!

    • Lizzel

      Thank you Nancy! 🙂 xoxo