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And welcome back

Because December is now almost done, I’m sure you’ve also had a few or a lot of holiday parties.
I usually spend Christmas eve or day at work, so I don’t dress up at all for the holiday.
Also, my Christmas is pretty much an all-you-can-eat buffet that lasts all day,
so I need sweatpants with some serious stretch.

New years is when I step it up a notch.

This dress just screams New Years Eve to me.


The dress is vintage
It’s extremely heavy and wonderful quality, so similar ones I found are more expensive.
This one from Mango is definitely the best match.

Sequin dresses can be really terrible quality and fall apart after just one wash, which is why I got this one.
I don’t wear it often, but it always gets a great response!
Simple and elegant
and not too short, which my mom will appreciate.


 I don’t write this in every post, but I do take every single picture on here myself.
Lately I’ve had a few outdoor photography assignments, which I like to combine with taking my outfit posts
This week I had to practice with shutter speed.
The sparklers were great for that!

Some photographers can do amazing stuff with light in their work, like Julien Breton.
I’m not even remotely close to doing what he can do, but it’s awesome to see the possibilities.


I use a Nikon D3300 with the kit lens
which is absolutely fine by the way

For these types of images (meaning; the harsh exposure)
 you do need an external flash , as the small one on my camera just isn’t quite enough to get the effect I want.

Which brings me to this;

please don’t invest in expensive photography gear if you have no idea how to use it!
Speaking from my own experience here.
My advice ; buy an addition to your camera only when you feel the limitations of your current  device.

Whatever that might be.

Good and interesting photography is NOT  in the gear.


I’m not going to post my photography assignments  on here, though.
Those are just for my teacher 🙂


Once again,
I hope you had an amazing Christmas
happy happy happy New Year!




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