Winter Throwback

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Good morning/evening/afternoon!
Yes, I do realise its April and that (sadly) winter is over. However, I found these pictures when I was clearing my phone yesterday and decided to post them anyway ;). These pictures were taken around December 2014, but I wore this quite a few times earlier this year as well. What I really love are the suspenders. I randomly picked them up one day and now I pair them with everything! I usually leave them hanging from my shorts, but they also look pretty cool when you wear them like they’re supposed to be worn ^^

So here’s a little winter throwback on a spring day.

What I was wearing:
Beanie: V&D
Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Shorts: Vintage Levi’s
Scarf: New Yorker
Shoes: Dr. Martens 1460 classic (looking very fresh and new here, AWFUL to break in!)
Suspenders: Claire’s (no joke, and they’re awesome)

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Have a great day!
Lots of love,

Lizzel xo

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