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I hardly show what I eat on my social media, mainly because I forget to take pictures of my food or because I don’t bother making my food look all cute and pinterest-y.
I’ve gotten questions on my diet and exercise routine both online and offline, so I wanted to share a full day of eating of a pretty typical  relaxing weekend day.

First some basic stats;

I am 22 years old, 172cm tall (5’8) and weigh  between 50 and 55 kg (110-120 pounds).

My weight fluctuates a lot, which is normal. Anything above 56kg or below 48kg doesn’t feel comfortable, but that’s just my body. I like to go off measurements, which I do weekly.
I work out 6 days a week, a combination of cardio and weight training.

With that said, let’s get into my day!




I start my mornings relatively early, even when I don’t have classes to attend. I don’t like the thought of wasting my day, but I also just wake up naturally at this time now.
I like to start my day off with some fruit.
During the summer that will most likely be strawberries, as they’re in season now. I sliced a few up as a topping on my oatmeal and had those in bed this morning.
I do mix in some raw cane sugar with my oats as well, since I make mine with water.


After breakfast I’ll have either a coffee or some tea while I read some news articles or watch a few youtube videos.
Today I had tea.
Two sugars, no milk.

During the week I’ll always check Philip deFranco’s show.


Drinking some tea or coffee also helps a lot in getting my ass to the gym.
During the weekends I’ll go in the morning for an hour to an hour and a half, otherwise I like to go in the evening. If I can I’ll dedicate a longer post to just my exercise, as it’s progressed a lot this year.
I wasn’t always an excersise and gym lover, trust me.




I’m not much of a mid-morning snacker, I just go straight to lunch.
Lately I’ve been making tons of guacamole, which I like to eat on toast.
Today I just sliced up a medium sized avocado on two pieces of wholewheat toast. I like to either add some chili sauce, sriracha or balsamic vinegar.
Today was a balsamic vinegar kind of day.
I also added one sliced chili, because I ran out of tomatoes.
I also added garlic powder, dille and salt.


After lunch I went out to get groceries and roam around Utrecht for a bit.



This is usually snack time.
I have an overflow of strawberries at the moment because they’re locally grown and pretty cheap, so I had a cup of those with some sugar.
I did emails and some online work while I ate those.

I make sure to sip on water all day, which can get a little bland.
I tried out this mint and lemon infused water while out shopping.
I would usually have a coffee as well, but today I didn’t. I had a couple of intense nightshifts this week and didn’t want to mess up my sleeping schedule, so I stuck to water and tea.



I also had a Naked bar in cashew cookie flavor.
They were out of my favorite white chocolate macadamia nut Cliff bar 🙁


Dinner time


I’m a huge pasta lover.
This evening I had spirelli pasta with one of my sister Emmelyn’s recipes for creamy mushroom pasta.

Whenever I need some inspiration for dinner, I check out her blog.
It was amazing, big fan of nutritional yeast now.
Tastes just like cheese, but it’s SO much better for you!

Definitely a recipe worth repeating, since I was getting sick of tomato sauce and spaghetti.
I also added arugula to my pasta and seasoned with cayenne pepper, salt and regular pepper.


Because I had leftover poffertjes from when I made these yesterday, I had some for dessert.


These. Are. Amazing.
The melted (soy) butter with the powdered sugar is what makes these taste absolutely delicous.


I ended my day by making a to-do list for the week ahead, and reading a book in bed.
I watched a Netflix documentary and by 23:00 I was ready to snooze.


Hope you enjoyed this post, might do more of these in the future.
If it wasn’t obvious, all the food was vegan/ plant-based.

See you again soon!





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