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Happy Monday!

This post was meant to go up during the weekend, but I decided to hold off until today. Not only did I  not want to rush myself, I also had a really exciting weekend!
First I just want to say I’m not the biggest social butterfly in the world understatement alert but I had an amazing time at the MTB event in Amsterdam this weekend. The idea of going to a conference of just bloggers made me quite anxious at first. I didn’t feel like I would belong and I thought there would be a major “competition” vibe.
I could NOT have been more wrong.

I’m always afraid that I give off an “arrogant” vibe to people, so I made extra effort to approach others. I did go with my sister, which helps, but everyone was so inviting and friendly I felt like you could have gone alone without a problem. I learned various things about different aspects of blogging and got inspired on many different levels. If you get the opportunity to go to these kind of events, you really should.
Getting out of your comfort zone is good.

But anyway, let’s get on with the actual post!

As I’ve previously mentioned, I recently decided to clear out all of my leather clothing items from my wardrobe. Unfortunately for me, that meant about four of my most worn and most beloved shoes.
Including my Docs.
Living in a place where the winters can get pretty chilly, sturdy boots really are a neccesity.  Therefore, I invested in these last year:


Sturdy? Yep
Comfortable?  Well yeah, after you break them in
Leather? Unfortunately, yes.

With winter around the corner and me having zero knowledge about the vegan boot world, I played it safe and got the same pair. However, I found it extremely difficult to find a good review on these boots, let alone locate them online. Dr. Martens is an established brand and I trust that what they sell is of high quality, so I bought these boots blindly. From Amazon.

vegan-0380 vegan-0383 vegan-0385 vegan-0387

So far so good! I was very impressed at the feel of the shoe. You get what you pay for with these!
I was a little worried about them being Cherry Red Rouge, but they’re dark enough where you can still wear them with pretty much anything.


Side by side comparison. I wear a size 38EU/ UK 5/ US 7.5


Cherry red rouge in the back, real leather in the front

vegan-0532  vegan-0556  vegan-0560 vegan-0565 vegan-0567

One thing that struck me is that the inside of the vegan boot is very soft and bouncy. I remember first getting into my leather docs and already knowing where I’d get blisters. So far I’ve not had any  in the vegan ones, but then again I’ve only worn them out once. I’ll let you know in the future how they break in.

vegan-0570  vegan-0585


I got the shoes from Amazon; Cherry Red Rouge Dr Martens 1460.


Honestly, these come down to personal preference.
The vegan 1460’s fit exactly the same and probably even slightly better, but the boots differ in their look. Obviously the yellow tag is a dead giveaway that you are wearing vegan docs, but I don’t particularly like advertising that on my shoe. I get why they did it, I just like the tag better on the originals.  Again; preference.
Major downsides are price and availability. It sucks you can’t try them on in store.

I should mention that I did not like my original docs at first, as they were very stiff and uncomfortable. Over time, leather will sag and ‘drop’ into these creases you can see in the pictures above. Call me a bad person, but I kind of like that look. It will be interesting to see what the vegan ones will look like in one year.
In the end, I’m very happy with these shoes and looking forward to styling them in the upcoming seasons 🙂

So what do you think?
Would you choose the vegan Docs over the leather ones? Why? Let me know!

 Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂
Have a great week!

Lots of love,



Cardi: Similarsimilar both from Forever 21, mine was Zara.

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  • Flannel & Faux Fur – Lizette Croes
    oktober 11, 2015 - 9:13 pm
  • ray ban wayfarer

    Good day! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics? Thanks for your time!

  • Tamekia Scheid

    Hello.This post was really motivating, especially because I was looking for thoughts on this topic last Tuesday.

  • Bryan T.

    I would assume people buying the vegan shoes are doing so for ethical reasons. I wonder if the vegan ones are as durable as the leather ones. With that said, I would still feel better about purchasing the vegan 1460’s! Thanks!

    • lizz

      Yes, agreed 🙂 My reason as well! They’ve lasted me through this winter just fine, with lots of rain and mudd! I think they will last another few winters for sure. xo

  • Mia

    and how well did they break in? I’ve just bought a pair & starting to wonder if I should’ve bought a size up. I’d like them to stretch a bit but I’m not that hopeful.

    • lizz

      Mine broke in pretty fast, not even two weeks. Mine did stretch a bit since I like to wear my boots with thick socks anyway.
      Have you tried wearing them with thick socks? xo

  • jack stead

    I’m looking for a pair of these cherry red vegan boots where can I get a pair I live in huddersfield England

  • Emma

    Hi Lizz,

    I’m still debating with myself whether to get the vegan docs or the leather ones. I saw this post, and noticed it ‘s from more than a year ago. I’m wondering if you’re still happy with them, and if they are the same quality as the leather ones.
    And, it’s maybe a bit weird to ask, but because of the synthetic material, I’m afraid of smelly feet after a long day. (Feels really awkward to mention, but i feel like i just have to know).

    Have a lovely sunday!

    • lizz

      Hi Emma,

      Thanks for your message 🙂 I still own my vegan leather ones, but since then I moved to Southeast-Asia so I haven’t really needed them in this climate haha!
      I wore them a lot during the winter, but if I’m honest I did prefer my leather ones. The wear on the vegan leather docs was different and they did look and feel more plastic-y. The leather ones took a few weeks to break in, but they fit me wonderful after that. I really regret selling them. I did not wear my vegan docs nearly as much. I do think there is a noticeable difference in quality.

      As for the smell, I’m lucky that I don’t really have issues with smelly feet. I have suuuper cold feet all the time, and the vegan ones did keep me pretty warm. I didn’t need extra socks like I did with my leather ones and the sole was more bouncy and soft. I do think my feet could “breathe” less, the leather docs were a lot more comfortable to wear for a full day. The vegan material kept my feet warm, but I can see what you mean that some people would have issues with smelly feet. I used to own a pair of vegan leather sport shoes and had to throw them out because my feet couldn’t breathe in them. Kind of oncomfortable during a workout, but I never did any exercise in my Docs. Would be something to keep in mind.

      I hope that helped 🙂

      Best wishes and have an amazing week!


      Liz xo

  • Genevieve Law

    Hi Liz

    I was just wondering how tall you are? I wear the same size docs but they tend to make me look short and stumpy? Maybe I’m just super self conscious when I wear them because they’re pretty heavy and clumpy.

    • lizz

      Hi Genevieve,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m 173cm tall, I didn’t feel like they made me look short or stumpy at all! They are pretty clumpy looking, but if you look up a few fashion bloggers who are your height or shorter you’ll see they look great in them 🙂 Its all about you own confidence, if you own it then they look great on you!


  • Judah L Smith

    I came to your site to read your review on your VEGAN DMs from a few years back. And stumbled upon this, shortly after. Just a helpful FYI. I’ve lost some people I’ve been close to, to cancer. So I just thought it was only kind to pass this on. So you can check your pair (if you still have them) for safety.

    Just being a good samaritan. Hope this info is helpful.

    • lizz

      Hi Judah!

      Thanks for your comment- and for sharing. I just read it now. I haven’t worn these in a long time, but thanks for letting me know!

      Best wishes,

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