Update: I moved again

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And I’m back, from sunny and super hot Kuala Lumpur this time.  Much has changed since my last post, and I felt like an update was necessary.
. I started noticing a lot of people in my personal life were reading my blog, and it wasn’t always a good experience. Judgement online is easy to handle, but when people start to question your decisions in real life  it becomes a bit harder for me to take.  For that reason, I stopped writing personal stuff and halted posting altogether for a few weeks. Now that I moved again, I got a little annoyed with myself that I let other peoples opinions get to me like that.
If I want to share and people are interested in reading, then I’ll keep posting.
More than anything, writing on here is a selfish matter; it helps me.


Since January this year, I’ve been living in Athens. For three months I got to enjoy the Greek lifestyle and got to know what its like to model fulltime. I expected it to be competetive and challenging, but I did not realize just how exhausting it would be.
I would get up at seven to get ready and I’d have castings all over the city from nine in the morning until eight in the evening. My first week I barely ate, because there was no time in between castings. By the time I got home, shops were closed and I just wanted to sleep.
That continued for two weeks, until I got a hang of my new lifestyle. I did my shopping for the week on the weekends and took healthy snacks with me everyday.
The longer I was in Athens, the more I got used to the city and the people. I started booking jobs and got more time to myself after a while.
I had an amazing time and I’ll never forget the people I met while I lived there.


Now, I also went to Milan for about a week after I had been in Athens for two months. The plan was to stay in Milan, but I got a really bad feeling about it as soon as I got there. I was set to go with an agency and met with them, but they were incredibly rude to me. They claimed I looked nothing like the polaroids that they were sent, and that my agency lied to them. It made me feel horrible.
They measured me while speaking about me in Italian which I can sort of  understand  and I did my best to stay professional, even though they weren’t.
I called my agent in Athens right after the appointment, and she invited me to come back straight away.
I did not sign with that agency in Milan, and I wanted to get out of the city. By some stroke of luck, I got a message that evening from one of my friends who invited me to come to Florence.
I didn’t think about it too long, and just went.


We had a really good talk and it motivated me immensely. I wasn’t feeling too good after my body had been criticized by two older men to my face. I went back to Athens the following week and booked a job straight away for a runway show. I mentioned it before, but I’m not super tall. The fact that I got booked surprised me. The stylist remembered me from a few weeks before, and asked for me specifically.
It all worked out so much better in the end.
My agency in Greece gave me some very valuable advice and because of that I made the decision to leave Europe and head East; to Malaysia.


The agency I’m with now is wonderful, and life in Malaysia is very different from Europe in general. It’s a nice change.
I have time for my own work, and little things keep happening that show me I’m moving in the right direction.
A year ago today, I would not have thought my life would turn out like this.
Like I said; I make half of the money I used to, but I’m twice as happy.
That is worth a lot more to me.

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I’ll update again soon, and I’m going to start posting some more personal photography on here as well. I’d love to show more people what I’ve been working on behind the scenes.

Speak again soon.





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  • Johnw

    Well written liz.paper,plane n luggage,i guess that explains alot.anyways hope ur well in malaysia.keep up the faith n believe. Kl will be nice to u..

    • lizz

      Thank youu! 🙂

  • Maria jacob carrillo

    good luck in Malaysia

    • lizz

      Thank you Maria! <3 xo