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Winter is coming


H E L L O I’m baaack Usually, the very first thing that comes to mind  when starting to write a new post is the title. I don’t give it that much thought, I’ll just type whatever comes to mind when scrolling through the pictures I took. This coat just reminded me of Jon Snow. Also, winter is finally happening, so that’s a thing   Oversized clothes make up about 80-90% …

Rainy Day


H E L L O & Welcome I actually had this post planned two days ago, but I got a little distracted between schoolwork and the attacks in Paris. It didn’t feel right to post something on that day, so I held off. Strange how this turned out to be quite a dark post, wasn’t really  planned that way. Sneakers: Nike ID Air Max one (imitation leather) …

Black Gillet


H E L L O  And happy Monday! Today was beautiful September day, but you can definitely tell that fall is finally starting to settle in. Last week I’ve been paring this black gillet over and under many of my jackets and flannels to keep warm, awesome if you like layering. It also keeps me from busting out my full blown winter gear and looking …