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About my hair


Helloo! I did say it was going to be a very busy week ­čśë But, there has been a specific reason why I’ve been slacking on my posts. Instead of waiting another day, I decided to just post about this topic. My hair. Apart from styling clothes/outfits, I have a┬áslight obsession with my hair. I’ve been dyeing it since I was fifteen, with very mixed …

Flare Jeans


Happy Monday everyone! Unlike most people, I actually┬álike┬ámondays. But as I expected, I’m starting off the week with a million things to do, including two major deadlines. Thankfully, I did plan ahead this time so I’d have something to upload today ­čśÇ It’s still raining in Utrecht, so this won’t be an outfit I’ll be able to wear again soon. I’m glad I wore it …