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Today, I’m writing about a topic I never thought I’d bring up on here;

More specifically, how they fit. I think most ladies will agree with me that they almost never do.
A nice fitting bra can seriously make a big difference to how your clothes fit, as well as your overall confidence.
I teamed up with Thirdlove today to talk about finding your perfect fit.
Get ready


I remember when I was around twelve, I needed my first bra. I hated puberty and anything to do with becoming a woman, so I wore the basic fabric bras for a long time. Nowadays we call those babies bralettes and they’re super fashionable, but back then they were kiddy bras and you didn’t want to be caught dead in those in the gym class changing room.
Trust me.
I think I was fourteen when I got my first ‘real’ bra, and was told about how bras are supposed to fit.
The very first thing the lady at the shop told me was; “If there is a gap between the cup and your boob, the bra is too big.”

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Well whoopsie. I own about five of those.

The thing is; they used to fit. Whenever I lose weight, it goes straight from my boobs. Boobs are also pretty magical in that they get bigger and smaller during certain times of the month, so I also have a few bras that I can only wear on a couple of days per month.
This one really doesn’t fit me anymore, though.


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This one is lovely isn’t it?
Looks soft, bit of lace, the cups fit well…
You’d think it’s a perfect match, and so did I at first. Until I wore it for a full day.
These straps were designed by Satan himself in the deepest pits of hell.
They dig into my skin so bad it actually hurts to take it off at the end of a long day. When I bought the bra the straps were at their tightest and if I loosen them the cups don’t fit. Worst purchase ever. Always check the straps before you buy a bra.

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This one is also a problem I’ve become very familiar with. The bra is nice, but I have to tighten the straps all the way. It makes the back strap ride up a lot, and I keep tugging at the front to keep it in place.

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I love the feel of this one, but it really doesn’t fit me either. I’ve also had bras where the back strap is too tight or too loose. Always check the back of your bra to see if its at the same level as the front. If the back is almost in your neck, I’m pretty sure the bra is too big.


I’ve worn wired bras, padded ones, push-up, bralettes and even tried a water bra.
Some were more successful than others, and right now I’m mostly into bra-less. I’m living in blazing hot Kuala Lumpur; I’m not about to strap anything to my midsection unless it’s absolutely necessary.

However, sometimes I do need to wear a bra. My job requires me to own a vast collection of bras in various colors and styles, and I’m sure there are plenty of ladies who need to wear a bra to their job too.
So what is my perfect fit and how did I find it?

Allow me to introduce you to my new lavender beauty;

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I’m obsessed with this one. It fits like it was made for me.
No gap between cup and boob, the backstrap stays in place and the neon green straps over my arms are very gentle and soft.
I got this set after reading through the perfect fit guide from Thirdlove, and put their advice to work while I was in the fitting room.


You can find their full guide here.


Next time when you need a new set of undies you might want to read through these. I found that I look best with push-up bras, bralettes and t-shirt bras. Balconettes are really not my thing, since they make me look super wide. I strongly suggest trying different styles to find out what works best for you and your shape.
Underwear gets pricy; it sucks to spend a lot of money on something you’ll never wear again.

Thirdlove also sells plenty of bras and panties on their website for you to choose from, if you were on the lookout for a new perfect fit yourself.


They were so kind to give you guys a promo code if you do decide to shop with them: TLSPRING10



This one is my personal fave;


I love lace.
It’s called the 24/7 lace balconette bra, in aqua-mint.

So if you need some help on your next shopping trip to find your perfect fit, or you’re on the lookout for a new set of undies, you might want to check out Thirdlove. You can find their full Bra collection HERE.
They know their bras, and they know comfort is very important when it comes to underwear in general.
Nobody wants to be adjusting their undies all day.

After all; the best bra really is one you never have to think about.

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See you guys again soon.

Much love from Malaysia,


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  • Maduravalli

    I have never left a comment to you before…. but I think I should leave one. I have read all your blogs.. seen most of ur instagram posts. I follow you religiously 🙂 I dont have a body like yours nor am I tall.. but I love how you spread body positivism and Self love. I am sometimes surprised you dont have more followers and some lame bloggers have more than you but at the same time I am kind of proud that you dont advertise your blog like them.. you are not here to be commercially hit blogger but more natural and real. I saw your blog and bought the vegan Dr Marten’s in Cherry Red too 😀 and I get soo many compliments 🙂 I wish you health and luck in everything you do. Hope you get a lot of success. Keep blogging.. I am always waiting for your next blog!

    • lizz

      Hi Maddy!

      Wow I can’t tell you how happy you made me waking up to that this morning! Thank you so much 🙂 AWESOME start to my day.
      Sometimes I think I write these posts for my friends and family or just for myself, so I can’t tell you how great it feels to know you’ve read them. I really appreciate it a lot, truly.
      I’ve gone back and forth with thinking I should push collaborations with brands and other bloggers more to ‘grow my audience’, but at the same time I really like keeping it like this. If people want to read, that’s awesome, but I’ll keep writing whether people come back or not. I didn’t start this to make a living off of blogging, so it’s still a lot fun for me to sit down and write.
      Love what you said about body positivity and self love. That has got to be one of the biggest compliments you could have given me. Especially doing what I do now, I never want people to look at me in awe or with jealousy. Everyone has a body that is beautiful, cheesy as that sounds. Tall (which I’m not really) and skinny (guilty) is not the ideal standard of beauty. Comparing your body to someone with a totally different bodytype will only make you feel bad about your own. You were given this body, it works and it’s yours to take care of. You would never say the mean things you think about your own body to someone else, so why put yourself through that kind of horrible punishment? It’s so important to me because I really disliked the way I looked for so long. I was this chubby, unfit girl with pimples and frizzy hair allll the boys made fun of for YEARS. I’m not exaggerating. I looked up to the girls who were beautiful without even trying (the Instagram girls of the 2000s lol). I wanted to look and be like them, even when they were horribly mean to me. I’ve changed a lot over the years, both physically and emotionally. I made a promise that I would never be mean like those girls were to me, and I’d never make anyone feel inferior. Especially based on looks. I know how small and unimportant I felt, and nobody should ever be made to feel that way. The things I post are always to motivate others, not to show off how ‘hot’ I am (I want to slap myself for even writing that, but I think you know what I mean).

      I’m glad you like the Dr Martens! Mine are back in the Netherlands at the moment, no need for those in hot and humid Kuala Lumpur haha. Thank you again for your wonderful comment, you made me smile more than you know. Even showed your message to my sisters because I thought it was so sweet (they agreed by the way).
      Much love and succes to you as well in everything you do. I’ll get back to another more personal post soon, my schedule has been crazy but I never forget to blog.

      Best wishes Maddy!
      Liz xo

      • Maduravalli

        I just saw that you replied to me.. omg omg omg I cannot explain how much happy it makes me to see your reply. I literally have moist eyes out of happiness and excitement. I used to hate my body too so I could relate totally with everything you have written. I try my best to stay fit with exercise and good eating habits so I feel proud of myself. Self love is what you taught me 🙂 And I agree that you dont post your pictures to show off and that’s what makes you sooo different and inspiring. Your pictures are soo soooo goood… you are gorgeous and I love your chin-dimple. I recently saw your instagram picture which your friend took of you.. you looked sooo radiant..smiling naturally 🙂 I even bought myself a Levis tee (white and red) because it looks sooooo classic on you. I know I sound like a nerdy fan (guilty) ..sorry about that… I have never followed any blogger so much. I read your latest blog about your father. I also lost my father 4 years back..exactly 1 week after my birthday so I totally feel it. You have amazing writing style which any person could relate to. You should become a photojournalist…your photography style is also classic.. vintage..and interesting.
        Love you loads…

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