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This week I took a very short trip with my brother Max to a city I’ve been to a few times before:


I figured telling you how I did Paris in a short amount of time while also on a very strict budget might be kind of interesting to share.


I’m sure for anyone who doesn’t live near Paris it seems like a very expensive trip, but one of the perks of living in the Netherlands is the train connection this country has with major cities in Europe.
Granted, the trains don’t always run on time and the schedule has been pretty off since the attacks in both Brussels and Paris, but it’s still my preferred way to reach the city.


Also very affordable as we took the new Izy, the cheaper high-speed train.
We both only paid around 40 euros for the complete trip.
Compare that to the amost 200 euros for the Thalys, and you just saved yourself a whole bunch of cash there.
Plus, the train was very comfortable and got there just as fast.


In the past I’ve stayed in hotels whenever I’m in the city, but because I was with my brother we decided to rent an AirBnb apartment for the night instead.
We ended up only being there to sleep, but it was very comfortable and had an amazing Wifi connection. We only paid 35 euros each, and booked very last minute. Go figure.
I’ve paid that amount at a hotel just to get a semi-decent internet connection.
Save yourself the hassle and cash, book an AirBnb.

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Then let’s talk food.

Now please don’t hate me, but I seriously dislike French food.
Always have.
Pretty sure I always will.
It’s generally not veggie friendly and it’s usually pretty freaking expensive. I absolutely love Italian food, however I would not recommend going for Italian when you’re in Paris. I haven’t had good Italian food in the city thus far.
Believe me, I’ve tried.

I will say I had some of the best Thai food. So good that we actually went back the next day for more.
We paid 15euros each for a two course meal, including wine.
AND mine was vegan 🙂
I think the place was called Prik Thai.


Next? What to do in Paris of course!
My favorite place to visit is the Louvre, and I always go there at sunset.
If you want to witness some romance, this is the place to go.

The Jardins des Tuileries are very close, and an absolute must-see for me in the summer when the funfair is set up. Because it’s April, they only had the ferris wheel, but that was also pretty sweet.
Damn expensive though at 10euros a ride

The Eiffel Tower is also free to see, and definitely something to check out if you do ever plan to visit.
Another is the famous graveyard of Père Lachaise, which I went to last year. Many well-known and unknown people are buried there and it’s an absolute maze.
Just be respectful when you visit, it is a place of mourning after all.
Last place I’d recommend would be the Conciergerie. It has a lot of history and 100% free to enter if you show your student card at the entrance.


The entire city of Paris is pretty much an art and  history museum in and of itself, so the best thing you could probably do is get yourself a metro card and just stop at random places.


Like I said, we were only there for 24 hours because of my brothers work. I just came along for fun as I had this week off and felt like going somewhere. I just relaxed in the sunshine at a café for most of my time there.
Plenty of those around 🙂

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On a sidenote: it did break my heart to hear so many people talk about the business they have lost after the attacks last year.
Paris is still an amazing city, I hope to highlight that in this short post.
I certainly noticed a huge difference in hightened security at the train station and in more tourist-y areas, but I never once felt unsafe or threatened.

Just thought I should mention that.

Lots of love from Utrecht, and I will see you again soon




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