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Because this year has been pretty eventful so far, I felt like giving a little update about my current life situation.
I started class again this month for my final semester of my second year, and I thought I should begin this post by saying this:

I reaally don’t enjoy being in University.

I had pretty much the same feeling when studying Medicine two years ago, but there were a million other reasons why I wanted to quit then. I did quit, I worked for a while and went back to school last year. Huge relief and still one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself.

Slight problem: I had zero clue what I was supposed to do with my life.

When you decide at fourteen that you want to be a doctor and give up a big part of your social life in order to get into med school, it was a bit of an adjustment.
I thought becoming a doctor was my passion, so I felt very insecure about myself and especially my intelligence once I quit.

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Med school took up so much of my time that I couldn’t do anything other than study, not strange that I felt so miserable.
Almost two years on, I have no doubt at all that I just wasn’t meant to be a doctor.
I actually created an Instagram account during my last semester of med school because I needed an outlet.

I went back to school to study History, because I knew I would be able to complete this degree with minimal stress. Thankfully, I did pass pretty much every class so far with half the amount of effort. No I’m not remarkably intelligent, I just learned how the system of school works and do exactly what is required.

Bare minimum.

Problem with putting in minimal effort is that you don’t feel challenged. I write the same essays and research the same things as my peers.
Not feeling challenged enough ironically also made me pretty unhappy.

We all feel stuck and unhappy sometimes, you just need to figure out how to fix that for yourself. To me, that does not happen by putting more effort into schoolwork and getting higher grades. Grades don’t matter anymore.
Instead I invest more time into the things that I love outside of school, and it actually paid off in more ways than one for me.


Which brings me to this:

A little over a month ago I got hired to work as a photographer for Humans of Festivals.

Why did I feel the need to share that today?

Because I bought my first DSLR camera less than a year ago.
I didn’t think anyone was going to take me seriously as a photographer with my minimal experience. I know a lot of people probably play around with the idea of becoming a photographer, and maybe you have thought about it as well.
Take a chance every once in a while and go with what you want, even if other people tell you you’re not good enough or it doesn’t suit you.
If I listened to people telling me that I was doing something “below my level”, I’d still be an extemely sad and miserable med student.

I’m grateful for the skills I’ve acquired by attending University, but I’ve also realized that a lot of things are not learned by simply reading papers and writing essays. More importantly, it’s not where I find happiness or completion in my life.
Don’t feel guilty for putting less time into your schoolwork if it means being more relaxed and a happier person in general.
There is so much more to life than getting straight A’s.


I should mention that I am by no means a slacker, and of course I’m still in school.
I just wanted to say that you can combine school with hobbies and work, it doesn’t make you a bad student.

By the way
if you’re headed to any festivals in Belgium or the Netherlands this summer, keep a lookout.

I’d love to share your story <3

See you next week




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