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Back with an outfit post today.

I’ve been changing up the content on my blog recently, trying to decide if I want to do more fashion stuff or more lifestyle.

I don’t really want to choose, so I’m going to continue to do both.


Recently, I’ve been getting rid of a bunch of clothes.
I wanted to de-clutter, but I also want to create a wardrobe of less items that is going to last for a while. It’s no use buying random clothes I wear once and stuff into the back of my closet.
It’s a phase I’ve grown out of, and I’m much happier for it.


Not the only reason I slacked on these outfit posts, though.


I started this blog out of pure fun, not because I wanted to make money.
I’ve done some pretty cool collabs in just over a year and I stand by those completely, but I’m not in this to make a living off of it.


I like to keep my online and offline life separate, especially this year. Even though I consider myself a pretty confident person when it comes to appearance –that took me years btw- , I’ll still worry about what others think of me way too much.
It’s not strangers that scare me, but people I know personally.


With this new post I’m kind of saying f*ck it and going back to what I originally wanted to do.
I know damn well there are plenty of people who have said stuff about me to my face or behind my back about me and what I do. People I’ve considered close friends.
If I stop doing what I love, I’d let those backstabbers win.

I’m not about to let that happen 😉


I’m working on not caring anymore, because this day and  this post has been the first time in weeks I lost track of time doing something I really enjoy; taking pictures and editing.

I wanted to include this, for anyone thinking about starting a blog or maybe even a youtube channel of their own.
Because the sh*t that brings you down doesn’t happen online, it happens in real life with real people you know and trust.
If you like what you’re doing, keep going and ignore them.


See you again soon



Outfit details:

Top is Mango
Jeans are Zara
Shoes are Adidas Rize (vegan)
Jacket is H&M
Jewellery is all gifted stuff.
Bag is Laurel. Vintage from my mother, it is leather.
Sunglasses are, as always,  vintage

Also yes those are 3D glasses on the right.

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    Love, love, love!! Awesome post, awesome person ❤