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Helloo 😀

Aside from the fact I had an exam and a lot of work last week, I haven’t been feeling the inspiration for outfit posts. I want to venture out more in Utrecht to take pictures, but for the past couple of weeks an old and very unwelcome friend came to visit: Acne.

Usually, I’d feel very sorry for myself and stay indoors until the breakout was over (which can take up to a month). But this time I thought I would document the process of healing my skin and share it with you. I hope I can make at least one person feel slightly better about their skin an maybe teach you a thing  or two about dry- acne prone skin, which is rare according to my many dermatologists.

I’ve also thought about explaining this in more detail in a video, but I’d like to try this first.

Yesterday, I posted a picture on my instagram where I showed my skin at the early stages of a breakout:

Maybe some of you will look at that and say; Seriously? It’s not even that bad!
I know.

I also know that if I don’t see my dermatologist within three days of that kind of breakout, this will happen:


image1 (10)The top one is me at seventeen, after one of the worst breakouts I’ve ever had. My mom let me stay home from school because I felt that  ashamed and disgusted with myself. yes, very dramatic. Also might explain my love for angry rock/punk/metal

The one on the bottom is me a week after the first picture.

In all seriousness, its an unpleasant thing to go through. Not only does it look unappealing, I don’t think people who have never experienced acne know how it feels. For me, it physically hurts. Like I said, my skin is very dry. It always has been. When I get acne, my skin bursts and tears open. Guess what? That does not feel nice 🙁

So my mom sent me to a dermatologist and I was put on heavy antibiotics the summer I turned seventeen. Those did absolutely nothing.
If I can give you one piece of advice, do not go on antibiotics more than once if they didn’t work the first time. From what I’ve read and experienced myself, they do a lot more harm than good.

Between the ages of 17 and 21 I’ve been on antibiotics a total of 6 times, the acne always came back worse.

I’ve tried every single Acne cream treatment you can think of. Antibiotic lotions, Acid A vit, Benzac, Differin etc. At this point I was 19 and getting pretty sick and tired of looking and feeling like a walking pizza. It started to interfere with my work and school.


Acne is also the reason why I started using makeup. Most annoying comment ever is when people tell you to stop wearing makeup because “it causes acne”. Not true. It’s an unfortunate genetic mishap that some people have and others just don’t. Makeup doesnt cause anything, but it doesn’t help either.


I decided to get a new dermatologist. One who actually listened. Other dermatologists for the record, I’ve had four told me Accutane/Roaccutane/IsotretinoĂŻne (all the same thing, different name) was too invasive and dangerous in my case.  Extremely frustrating. One doctor even gave me a six page contract to read and sign. As if I were selling my first-born child to Doctor Rumpelstiltskin.

The new dermatologist was different. He took one look at my face, explained the dangers of Accutane and told me that if I wanted to go on it, he would write me the prescription that day.
So in 2013 at the age of 19, I started my first course of Accutane.

It took three weeks for me to see a drastic change. For the first time since I was eleven, I had NO pimples.

I was also put on a new skincare regimen, approved by my dermatologist. Just a face wash twice a day and a hydrating lotion with UV protection. I was given a few samples, and have not changed my regimen since. All I use is Louis Widmer now.
It’s actually cheaper than anything I’ve tried before and very soothing!


I felt completely comfortable wearing zero face make-up for the first time in years.
And let’s be honest: that’s some damn good lighting situation going on right there

Unfortunately, my acne came back right before my 21st birthday a few weeks ago.




Back on Accutane I went. But this time, a double dosage.

image1 (10)

The first time, I only had slightly more dry lips as a result of the drug. This time, I’ve had more serious side effects. I want to remind you that this is a drug that was originally designed to treat cancer, it’s not an ibuprofin and is not to be taken lightly. There is a reason you need to take blood tests every two weeks.

I haven’t had alcohol in two years and I haven’t been in the sun for the same amount of time. Just a litttle reminder that even though it gives these amazing results, you are giving up something in return. It has certainly had an effect on my social life.

But in my case, Its been worth it.
No pain makes me very happy.

This was a little over a  a week of Accutane:


This is a good skin day 🙂

Why? No whiteheads, no new pimples have popped up and NO cysts!
Everything that you see in that picture can be covered by makeup, something I have definitely mastered because of this.

Takes a little patience:


Now obviously, you can see my skin is less than perfect in certain lighting. Thats okay. I just feel more comfortable showing my face this way  😉 Judge me all you want, I’m still going to wear makeup (plus, my dermatologist said I could huehue)

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask! My email is up here for a reason 😉 I still plan on posting more fashion/style stuff obviously, but this was very heartfelt.

Acne is not gross, it doesn’t make you ugly.

I dont care if it’s on your face, your arms or your back. Doesn’t make you any less of a human being.

Fun fact: I showed my two best friends a picture of my skin breakout and they were shocked. They never knew it got that bad and certainly had no idea it bothered me as much as it did. I’m very glad I told them, made me want to share it here 🙂

This was my skin this morning (1,5 week Accutane)

FullSizeRender (1)

I have also made the decision to go vegan again, as that has helped improve my skin immensely in the past 🙂

Have a great day <3

For questions:

Email: lizettecroes@gmail.com
Or ask me in the comments.

xoxo Lizzel

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  • Steph

    Fairly certain you are dehydrated; I’m surprised your many dermatologists didn’t tell you! I recognize this because my skin is exactly the same. X) Best of luck!

  • AF

    Hey Liz
    Thanks so much for sharing

    I was wondering, because I too have very dry skin but with pimples, did you not find the roaccutane dry skin thing unbearable?
    I have always had exzema and not one drop of oil on me my whole life, barely need to wash my hair- started getting spots at 25, like 2 years ago. And still no oil, very dry skin.

    Just very worried about going on accutane incase I just get so so dry that I’ll shrivel!


    • lizz

      Hi Amanda!

      It depends a lot on the dose you’re on. My dermatologist started on a very low dosage and my skin was ok. To be honest, all the creams and antibiotic treatments were what really got to dry up my skin.
      Id say address your concerns with your dermatologist. I can’t predict your skin will react as mine did, for me it was mostly my eyes and lips that dried out the worst.

      Best of luck!

      Liz xo