Ditching the Diet Coke



Hope you had an amazing start to 2016!

I know there’s a lot of people who dislike making resolutions for the new year, but I enjoy them.
I might not stick to every single one, but I love taking on a challenge.

And this one is going to be very difficult


I’m giving up all soda, starting this year.

I’ve been drinking soda’s since I was about nine years old
hey it was very normal when I was growing up, don’t judge my parents

When I was twelve my mom had me switch to the diet kind, because I needed to lose weight back then.
I got hooked on diet cola and sprite for a really long time. At my worst I could drink up to three of those big bottles a day.
I would also be at the vending machine at school during every lunchbreak to grab an extra can on top of what I drank at home.

I did manage cut down on the stuff when I noticed my skin would break out a lot more when I drank it.

 I never gave it up completely, though, even when my dermatologist told me I needed to.

Eventually I gave up Sprite a year ago, but Cola was especially hard to ditch.

I think it had to do with the caffeine, I liked having a can or two during work to keep me going.


I’m going to quit for real this time!

I figured wearing my comfy PEPSI sweater from H&M would be the perfect attire to drink my final can of diet fizzy stuff in.


Definitely not giving this baby up 😉


So how do I plan on getting rid of it?

Considering I don’t think it’s  the taste of the stuff that I like
I remember throwing a temper tantrum over it tasting like  metal when I couldn’t drink the regular anymore

I figured just having a coffee when I really want one would curb my craving.

I like to keep myself from drinking too much caffeine too though, so I’ve  stocked up on extra water and juice as an alternative as well.


It might be difficult for a week or two, but in the end it’s just so much better for your health.

Diet soda doesn’t give your body anything it needs, plus I’ve read that Aspartame can have some nasty side effects in the long run.
I had to research artificial sweeteners when I started my Metabolism and Nutrition course, which scared me enough to at least cut down on eating “diet” products at the time.
Also, I prefer my face when it’s spot free.
I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way my skin feels when I don’t drink soda for a few weeks.

Other reasons?
Not drinking carbonated drinks will give you a flatter stomach.
Trust me.
You might not realize how much you actually bloat from the stuff!

Another good reason for me is that it’s just too expensive. I save myself a bunch of money by switching to water.

The last reason is one I’ve personally never dealt with, but I heard other people complain about it. I figured it’s worth mentioning.
Drinking diet soda can make you extremely hungry and might even trigger a binge.
Again, not something I’ve experienced.
Maybe you have?


I’ve given myself until Febuary first to go 100% diet soda free.
After that I want to keep it to an absolute minimum, so I’ll only drink it on the rare occasion I go out to dinner.
Just one glass though.

I’m determined to make it work this time!

Have you made any resolutions for the new year?
Planning to stick to them?


Hope to see you back here next Tuesday!

Lots of love,




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