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The other day I was talking to a friend of mine about life and some of our most memorable experiences. He told me that I was insane after telling him a few stories, which made me burst out laughing at first.
The more I thought about it, I have done some crazy things in my life. Today, I wanted to talk about a few of those along some photos I’ve taken in Milan.
I love telling stories.


1. Traveling alone to a foreign country without telling anyone

This one was when I was eighteen or nineteen. I wanted to travel and I had the money saved up, but nobody could come with me. I started talking about the idea of traveling alone, and was met with a ton of criticism and warnings. Instead of being a semi-decent human being and just saying; “screw you guys, I’m going anyway”, I did something else.
I didn’t want to deal with people’s opinions, so I just packed a bag and left one day. I didn’t tell a single person where I was going.
I went to a fancy hotel in Germany for two nights, which is still close to where I lived, but didn’t tell anyone I went.
I wrote a note with my itinerary and put it on my desk, just in case something happened, but nothing did. I had a blast.
When I eventually told my family, they were pissed.
Still, zero regrets about that one.

2.Going into a major modelling agency without an appointment

This one was fun.
When I was in Los Angeles for the first time, I tried to get a photography internship so I could stay. I was told by many people in the industry that modelling would be a much quicker route to an American work visa, which terrified me.  I didn’t think that had any real modelling talent since I was still pretty shy in front of any camera other than my own and had done very little work at that point. I met with an agency there that wanted to help me and I really liked them, but I wanted to challenge myself.
I figured the scariest thing that I could do was to just knock on the door of one of the biggest agencies in the city.
Just to see what would happen.
I paced back and forth in front of that door for a while, until I just built up the courage for one tiny little knock.
The nicest guy in the world opened the door, and took me under his wing. That guy helped me get started with modelling in the Netherlands and gave me some of the best advice I could have ever asked for. We still email back and forth every so often. More than anything, he gave me the confidence boost I needed to start taking myself and my work more seriously.
All because I had one little moment of courage and a crazy idea.


3.Getting into a car with a stranger

Nope, not talking about a taxi or an Uber here. I straight up got into a car with someone I knew for about thirty seconds. Now that’s not just crazy, it’s also really stupid.
I was waiting for my Uber to show up and I was absolutely freezing, when I got this tap on my shoulder. This random guy or should I say boy asked me if I was ok and if I needed any help.
We were talking for less than a minute, and I just had a good feeling about him. I felt comfortable.
I told him where I was headed, which was about three streets from where we were, and he offered to give me a ride there.
Most people would politely decline, but I decided he was alright.  I’m pretty sure he was more surprised by my answer than I was.
I did ask if he was going to kill me before getting in, and his response was priceless.
“Get in and I guess you’ll find out”
I wouldn’t be typing this if he did end up killing me, and we actually ended up hitting it off really well for a while.  He showed me some places I never would have seen if I didn’t need a ride to a supermarket that night.
Wouldn’t recommend doing that on a regular basis, though.

4.Moving into a new apartment within a week

I should explain this one.
I lived in a Harry-Potter style room for almost three years when I just started going to college. The room was ok, but I could barely move since it was only 6m2.
No really, that’s not a typo.
I also did not get along with my roommates, which made living there very uncomfortable. I was getting sick of the place, but Utrecht was and still is an expensive city and it’s very difficult to find a room there. One day, on my way to the doctor’s office, I walked past a house with a sign in the window;
The location was superb, and I called as soon as I got the chance. That same day I came back to take a look at the room, three days later I signed the contract and by the following week I had moved in. I was super broke at the time, so I put all my money towards the first month of rent and the deposit and basically lived off of peanut butter and bread for two weeks.
I moved my stuff by myself just walking back and forth for a day to save cash, and had no furniture in my new place for about a month.
Still, it was a major upgrade and I eventually decorated the place exactly how I wanted it. Within one week, I went from living in a cramped space with a very moody roommate to an apartment with a balcony, all to myself. Most people would stop to think about a decision like that a little longer, considering my financial situation at the time. It all worked out for the better in the end.
I really did love that place.


5.Moving to a country I’ve never been to

Slightly more recent, but definitely a good one to end this list on.
I moved to Athens without ever having visited the country before and not speaking one word of Greek. I knew nothing about the place and had no real set plan of how I would survive there.
Everything ended up just fine, and I met so many incredible people along the way. I hope to do something like that again in the future. The thrill of figuring everything out by yourself and meeting a ton of new people is very empowering.
It makes you feel alive.

Let me know about some crazy things you’ve done in your life so far.
I love hearing about similar stories.

You know where to find me 😉

Lots of love and speak soon,




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