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Facing your Fears


HELLO Earlier this week I went to a new hairdresser to do my hair, which is a weird fear of mine. It made me think of all the big and little fears I’ve faced and overcome, and I wanted to write about my most challenging one today. For a big part of my short life, I’ve been a very scared and pretty insecure person. We …

Bad Habits


Hello, I hope you’re all well. In my last post I wrote about how everyone, including myself, shares the best of who they are on social media. I don’t think it’s bad, as long as you realize what you are posting and remind yourself and others that you’re just another human with flaws every once in a while. That is why I wanted to write about …

Packing for Paris

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Hello! Or should I say; bonjour 😉 Today I wanted to share what I’ll be packing for Paris, since I’ll most likely be unpacking these very things while you’re reading this. September is fashion month, and this week is Paris fashion week. I’ve been meaning to go back to Paris for a while, since it’s one of those cities I’ll never get enough of. Usually I’m …