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The Black Upbra

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HELLO Back with another Upbra collab. Last time I posted about this bra was back when I was in Malaysia. Then, it was all about the lift up swim bikini. This time, I wanted to talk a bit about the everyday Upbra- and how this baby works its magic. I’m wearing the strapless black Upbra, in a 32B. Usually, I’ll wear straps if I can …

Chasing Waterfalls- Upbra collab

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Hello again! These blogposts always take me a while to write, and life has been a little crazy lately. I hope you’ll enjoy the comeback 😉 I’ve worked with Upbra in the past, and just before I left for Malaysia I got the chance to work with them again. This time, to show off one of their awesome bikinis; I was a little worried about …

Feel Weird?

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Hello! Back with an outfit post, plus something I wanted to talk about. The term ‘weird’ has been used so much recently that it’s almost a cool way to describe yourself at this point. When I was younger, being labelled as weird was not exactly something to be proud of. It simply meant that you were strange and should be made fun of. I felt …