I moved; Cape Town


H E L L O Finally sat down to write a proper update from this amazing city. If you couldn’t tell by my spamming on Instagram, I’ve been in Cape Town for the past two weeks. It’s a long and complicated story how I ended up here, so I’ll pick up where I left off ; Malaysia. I came back to Europe in August this …

Upbra and Updates


Helloo! After two months, my first post back is my collab with Upbra After some maaaajor technical issues with my computer, I wanted to prioritize this post above any others. I’m very excited to start writing and posting on here again. So instead of just giving a review, I’ll give a few updates along the way as well. First things first, though. A few weeks …

Summer in the Seventies

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Summer heat in KL Bangsar Village With the help of  Tay Keen Meng (@taykeenmeng) Model: Cheng (@cyiichengg)     All clothing vintage, thrifted. Share this post if you enjoyed it!

My food Issues


Hello Another touchier subject on the menu today; and this one is also important to talk about more openly. Many people I know have an unhealthy relationship with food. These issues can range from distorted ideas about food to full on eating disorders. I wanted to give some insight into my own issues with food in this post. I’ve only ever talked about it with …