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My name is Lizette Croes, I’m a 24 year old currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I do many different things, but main things are modeling, photography, writing and I’m currently attending the University of Amsterdam where I study History.

I started building this website in April 2015 as a fashion blog, but its become much more than that.
I now share stories about my life, sometimes give advice and this is also where I showcase my work.


A little bit about me

Lizz.. Lizzerd.. Lizzel.. Lizette..
Probably all of these have been used somewhere on here and they’re all the same person: Me.
I also used to go by Butterz

I style my own outfits, take pictures of them and edit these myself.
I started with photography as a teenager and practiced on myself, which is how I initially got interested in modeling.

Who am I?

My full name is Lizette Margarethe Marlotte Croes,
but Liz is just fine.
I was born in Mendrisio, Switserland and grew up in the small town of Cocquio Trevisago  in the North of Italy with my three older siblings. This town was so small it didn’t even show up on Google maps until a few years ago.
Not joking.
Although I didn’t move to the Netherlands until I was nineteen, my first language and my nationality is Dutch.

When I was ten, we moved to a slightly bigger town emphasis on slightly  in Belgium, where I completed high school in 2012. Imagine a small country town, with cows and everything, and that’s the kind of place I lived in for almost ten years.


After graduating, I moved to Utrecht in the Netherlands Oh yeaah the “big”city and went to university to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. To my own surprise, I absolutely hated it.

It took me two years, but I managed to come to terms with the fact that I am  not cut out to be a doctor. I switched to studying History.
I disliked it equally, if not more.


Utrecht is where I really started to develop my own style. I had a rough time making friends and spent a lot of time roaming around vintage shops whenever I didn’t have class. I discovered the world of Instagram and started posting my outfits on there.

I like seeing people wear outfits that reflect who they are, and I enjoyed grabbing attention with what I wore. How you style your clothes really is a creative outlet.
I noticed my interest would shift more towards the pictures and how they were taken, and decided I wanted to do more of that.


In January 2017 I made the decision to start modeling as a career

I couldn’t do that in the Netherlands or Belgium, so I packed two suitcases and left for Greece.  I had no real plan, accommodation for only a week and no return ticket. I ended up staying for nearly four months, with high highs and deep lows. I’m grateful for the experience and I loved my time in Greece, but I won’t return to live there again.


In April 2017, I moved to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. This is where I not only fell in love with modeling, I also got behind the lens again with confidence. I absolutely loved living in Malaysia.
The people I met here will be my friends for the rest of my life.

In the fall of 2017, I returned to the Netherlands- but I got a invitation to move to another continent again.
So, I accepted.

This time I moved to;

Cape Town, South Africa.


I stayed for six months and met some incredible people. I had god and bad times as always, but my friends made everything worth it.
In April of 2018 I returned to the Netherlands to finish school.

If you’re interested in where I’m headed or what I’m doing next, you’re very welcome to hang around.


If you have questions, my contact info is on here for that reason.
I always reply.
It might take a week, but I always do

Hope to see you back here soon!

Lots of love,